Records Archiving and Consulting Services provides management training services, leadership and organizational development training, statistical and data analysis consulting, business advisory and tax services.

We also provide electronic access to valuable records and documents with the aim of boosting work efficiency, promoting scientific research and collaboration among organizations, educational institutions, hospitals, government health agencies, international corporations and local businesses large and small.

We offer international procurement services, liaise with prospective business clients and foster international business networks via e-commerce, merchant services, freight and cargo services.

  • Document and Record Services
  • Management Training Service
  • Leadership and Organizational Development
  •  Management Consulting
  • Remote Medical Coding and Auditing
  • Data Analytics
  • Research Data Management
  • Statistical and Data Analysis Consulting
  • Business Advisory Services
  • Tax Services

"They took us from #92 to #5 in a little under three months. Now that's what I call performance!
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Secured Data Archiving with backup and protection in appropriate storage media or server. Medical Coding and Auditing
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Project Management, Organizational Development Change Management, Team Building and Leadership Strategies. 
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International Procurement Services, Data Analytics, Statistical and Data Analysis Consulting, Business Advisory and Tax Services
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Document Services
Management Training
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Records Archiving & Consulting Services
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